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Thoughts From a Fevered Mind May 27, 2008

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I’m sick. I’m really, really sick. Todd tried to warn me. He was sick first. “Stop being so whiny,” I said. “You’ll feel better if you just get up and do something. Come help me tear out sod for our new flowerbed.” I was overflowing with sympathy and concern.

Daniel was sick next. I had some great advice for him, too. “In the real world, life doesn’t stop just because you’re not feeling well. ” He coughed, he wheezed, he moaned, and he went on with life as a thirteen year old. He attended school, tennis practice in the crazy freezing weather we’ve been having, and went to work as a referee for the city soccer games.

Last Monday, I got sick. It’s just allergies, I told myself, choosing to forget that I don’t have allergies. I was subbing in a friend’s class that day. I managed to survive by drinking lots and lots of water, and speaking as little as possible. That was tricky, since most of the day was spent building and launching rockets.

Tuesday, I started running a fever. Still, I refused to admit to being sick. Todd had missed work twice during his bout with illness, but there was no way I was going to let a tiny little cold bring me down.

Wednesday, I was subbing again. In order to get through the day, I practically had to overdose on cold medicine.

Thursday and Friday, I kept up with my regular activities. I taught a gardening class. I attended meetings and school functions. I even managed to use our brand new carpet cleaner on our living room carpet.

I finally admitted (to myself, only to myself) defeat over the weekend. I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t speak, couldn’t keep anything down, and my poor nose kept bleeding from having been blown so much. (Say it with me:  “Ooh, ooh, icky, blech!”  I know.  I’m disgusting.)  I’ve now spent three entire days of doing almost nothing while trying to appear busy, and I’m still not feeling any better. Todd and Daniel tell me that I still have two weeks to go, and that I really need to take a nap. I’m refusing to nap, because then they will be able to gloat. I even cleaned part of the family room carpet tonight, just to show them that I do not need to rest. I can’t wait until tomorrow when they return to work and school, so that I can collapse in a pile of mucus and self-pity, but until then, if anyone asks, I am not sick and Todd and Daniel are both big wimps.


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