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Sweet Freedom! May 30, 2008

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Let the celebrations begin! Today was the last day of school! I love having my babies home over the summertime. We get to (mostly) stay on our own schedule, life slows waaaay down, and we have lots of fun together! Did I mention that life slows waaaay down?

Emma’s teacher (pictured receiving flowers from Em) organized a darling graduation program. Her class marched in to the tune of “Pomp and Circumstance,” sang a few songs (they were choreographed, too) and then their teacher presented each student with a unique, special award. Emma’s award was “Loving to Read.” Apparently she spends a lot of her class time with her freckled nose in a book…instead of listening to her teacher, participating in class discussion, working on her cursive…oops.

Emma had a violin recital yesterday. After a year of HATING piano lessons, she has really taken to the violin. Her violin teacher is incredible. She is from Russia (I speak Russian!), and has just the right amount of strictness and understanding to be the perfect teacher for Noodle.

In other school related news, yesterday was one of the proudest days of my life. Sarah called me and asked if she could sluf. Not that I condone sluffing, but they really weren’t doing anything but signing yearbooks (the last few days of school are so pointless in jr. high), and she actually had the foresight and consideration to let me know where she was going and what her plans were. She CAN be taught!

With school being over, I was expecting to have a house full of kids this afternoon. Instead, Jakob and I got some one-on-one time as the other four all chose partying with friends over hanging out with Mommy. Here he is with Chico the Spoiled Fluffy Bunny. “Feed bun!” is one of his favorite phrases.

Tomorrow we’ll have a “Let’s lounge around the house doing nothing but playing games and watching movies because we aren’t in school anymore” day, but next Monday they are mine, all mine. Child labor laws be durned, it’s time to do some spring cleaning!


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