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The Summer Schedule – Because Every Mom Needs a Plan June 3, 2008

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I’ve never understood the parents who dread summer and the thought of having to keep their children entertained for months on end. Between summer jobs, friends, yard work, and just plain having fun, I have no problem keeping my kids busy. Today I presented the offspring with my fabulous (if you’re me) or dreadful (if you’re one of my children) summer schedule:

Be out of bed by 8:00.
Be dressed, fed, and have room cleaned and bed made by 9:00.
One hour of slave work (most people would call this chore time, but my kids renamed it several years ago).
One hour of scholar time (reading/instrument practice/other academic stuff).
Free time w/caveats –
*30 minutes MAX TV/computer time if your name is Emma or Joshua.
*One hour MAX TV/computer time if your name is Daniel or Sarah.
*I reserve the right to assign additional small chores.
*Everyone helps with lunch and dinner.
Bedtime varies by age, but I’ve made a personal goal to be in bed by 11:00.

Tuesdays will become “Library Day” and we’ll take one field trip each week (this is a long-standing summer tradition). Most of the field trips will include the whole family, sans Todd (we usually go on weekdays), but on occasion, we’ll leave the Jakester and Joshua with Daddy so we can do some more challenging hikes.

This is far and away my most laid-back schedule ever, but it’s also the most realistic. I’m really having a hard time with the 8:00 wake up. I’d love it if they were all up at 6:30. Unfortunately, all of them but Daniel have inherited Todd’s late rising tendencies, and waking them up too early in the summer just results in grumpy, sleepy kids. So I’ve decided not to fight it this year. Plus, this way I get a few extra hours of quiet time before the hordes descend on me.

This morning was day one, and it went fairly well. Sarah muttered something about how getting up at 8:00 is “stupid” and spent most of the morning stomping around the house instead of doing laundry, but she’ll come around once she figures out that her clothes have mildewed and wrinkled because she didn’t get them out of the dryer when it buzzed. (I had her wash her clothes last because I was anticipating this very scenario.) I had initially planned on having everyone do chores at once and then everyone do their academic stuff the next hour, but after today, we’ll be alternating. Sarah needs more supervision. Now two children will be slaves while two will be scholars, then we’ll switch. Jakob is still exempt. He just gets to job shadow me!

So the schedule is finished and we’re ready to have a fantastic summer! How about the rest of you?


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