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The Sinking of the Summer Schedule June 4, 2008

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Sigh….it’s day two of our fantastically simplified summer schedule, and we’re already off track.

Miss Emma, my Fearless One, decided that she would like to try out for the city swim team. So this morning we were at the pool bright and early for 7:30 am tryouts. That’s right, 7:30 AM. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was complaining about my children not waking up until 8:00? What is wrong with me!? 8:00 suddenly seems like a very sensible wake up time.

There was already quite a crowd gathered around the pool, so we attempted to find the end of the very loosely organized line, signed up on the prospective swim team member clipboard, and sat back to watch a bunch of over eager moms try to convince the coach to put their child on the team. (Note to over eager moms: If your child can only swim six feet before panicking, starting to cry, choking, and begging the lifeguard to take them out of the pool, swim team may not be the best option. The coach isn’t being mean when your child doesn’t make the cut, she’s simply trying to help him/her not develop a lifelong fear of water. Really, regular swim lessons are not a bad thing.)

Emma’s turn to make the long, long, solo swim finally came. Her freestyle isn’t great, but she does a mean backstroke. I was hoping that she would make the third team, which doesn’t meet until 8:30 every morning. Unfortunately, I forgot to tell her not to do her best, and she made the second team, which means she will have to be at the pool at 7:30 am every weekday for the next two months. So much for waking up at 8:00.

We didn’t get back home until about 8:15, which meant I had an hour and a half to supervise chores and attempt to find my kitchen before heading out for a 10:00 meeting (more on that to come later). After the short *cough* two hour *cough* meeting and some lunch, I smuggled Emma back out of the house for some congratulatory ice cream at Cold Stone. She always chooses the most fascinating flavor combinations. Today it was cheesecake ice cream with Oreos and a Twix bar. She said it was good. I took her word for it.

Then we were off to the rec. office to pay swim team fees, and a pre-camping shopping trip at Walmart. By the time we got back home, I needed to take Daniel to a friend’s house and Sarah to work.

What’s missing in all this? The library! It’s only the first week of summer and I already forgot Library Day. Sheesh. Sometimes I feel like a very bad mommy. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. Wednesday sounds like a better library day, anyway.


2 Responses to “The Sinking of the Summer Schedule”

  1. beavoicefororphans Says:

    I too am a mother of five, and I’m there with ya.
    I just saw a show on PBS last night about the disadvantages of children of suburban America, particularly their being shuttled from one activity to another. “Experts” felt they were too disconnected from nature and community. It is difficult to create community in suburbia.
    Anyway, I hope your summer goes well. My husband and I decided to take a 3-4 day break before evaluating our goals for the summer and planning a schedule. I know I want to teach my four year old son more on Proverbs 31, my six year old daughter wants to paint, and I want them all to spend lots of time outside. I’m hoping my husband will take the older two to minister with him to teens about pure strength. And we purchased a playset to keep our travel time low. It seems this first week is flying by, as we catch up on jobs put off for months.
    Would love for you to visit our blogs at and
    God bless,

  2. beavoicefororphans Says:

    Hi again!
    Sorry, but I was checking if you posted my comment and saw that I put the wrong addresses. The one listed took me to a godaddy website, which has nothing to do with happy homes. The addresses are and

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