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Warning – She’s Becoming Political June 10, 2008

Filed under: life,politics — mommyoffive @ 5:14 am

I recently read John Adams for a neighborhood book club that I belong to. (Side note – For some odd reason, wordpress will not let me underline book titles or double space at the end of sentences. This is driving me absolutely CRAZY.) This was a fascinating read. I am fairly well versed in the Revolutionary War, but sadly I knew very little about the political side of the Revolution. I was amazed at the courage and integrity of John Adams. He could have sat back with his flourishing law practice and thriving farm and simply complained about the way the country was being run, but his convictions wouldn’t allow that. He literally spent his entire adult life in the service of his country. Not all of his actions were popular, he had to make some hard decisions and he often found himself the object of derision, but he always put the interests of his country before his own feelings. He was an incredible person.

Today, I hear a lot of people complaining about our government. You can’t even mention gas prices without nearly inciting a riot. And yet, how many people are actually willing to take action? Most people don’t want to cause waves. They don’t want to be seen as crazy troublemakers, so they just sit back and quietly complain to one another. The only problem with this is that it gives those “crazy troublemakers” all of the power. So I’ve decided to take a page from John Adams’ biography. A very small page, perhaps, but it’s a start. I’ve joined a congressional campaign. I’m attending meetings, hanging signs, passing out flyers, making phone calls, marching in parades, and doing everything in my power to let people know about the upcoming primaries. And honestly, there are times when this takes me WAY out of my comfort zone, but why should I sit back and expect someone else to do all of the work? This country was founded on the sacrifices of others, was made great by the sacrifices of others, and is starting to fail because too few of us are willing to sacrifice (although really, I can hardly call handing out flyers a sacrifice).

Wish me luck as I become a wave maker!


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