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Bridal Veil or Bust! June 13, 2008

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Because today was the only day Sarah had off work all week, it became our first official field trip day of the year. We always begin our summer trips with a visit to Bridal Veil Falls. It’s a nice, gentle way to ease us all back into hiking (and I needed something easy today, since my toe had an unfortunate run-in with the swingset while I was doing yard work this morning). So after I drove a few carpools (swim team and jazz band), made a quick stop to pick up some campaign t-shirts, and fed the munchkins some lunch, we were off!

The “hike” is actually a beautiful walk up a paved path. The first glimpse of the falls is always breathtaking.

We let Jakob sit on a rock while the other kids started playing in the icy cold water.

Soon, he decided that he wanted to play with the big kids, so off the rock he went, right into the water. He was not pleased.

It’s a good thing Big Sister was there to give him a hug!

This was a much better way to play!

Meanwhile, Emma and Daniel were trying to talk me into climbing up to the falls with them.

I acquiesced, and a-climbing we did go. Did I mention that the water was icy? Very, very icy? Soon my inappropriately clad feet (Sandals – what was I thinking?) were completely numb. This was wonderful for my poor, broken toe! When we got to the top, I forced my intrepid hikers to pose for a very chilly picture. Look at those happy faces! (You’ll have to click for this one.)

As soon as I had taken the picture, they were out of there!

We spent some more time exploring along the river. Joshua had fun climbing on old buildings and looking for alligators in the water.

And then it was time to head back home.

We stopped at Krispy Kreme for a dozen free doughnuts, thanks to the kids’ straight-A report cards (Go kids!), and also at the shaved ice stand for the best refreshment on the planet (I kid you not!). To compensate for all of that sugar, we had our top secret knock off version of PF Chang’s lettuce wraps for dinner – yum!

To cap off a fabulous day, Todd and I enjoyed a “date night” at a town hall style campaign meeting. I know, we’re too romantic for words. I also took some time out of my hectic schedule to whine to him about my three-times-bigger-than-usual black and blue broken toe. Hey, a girl’s gotta have priorities!


One Response to “Bridal Veil or Bust!”

  1. Jessica Clouse Says:

    Love the pictures. Makes me a bit homesick…it’s so beautiful. I use to go rollerblading up that trail (down a bit towards Provo). Good times:)

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