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Check That One Off the List! June 19, 2008

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Yesterday I did something that I’ve been putting off for fifteen years. I got my wisdom teeth out. Why, you may be asking, would I have put that off for so long? No, it’s not fear of pain, it’s fear of lost time. I’ve heard horror story after horror story of people who slept for days after having their wisdom teeth removed. I don’t have time to sleep for days. And besides, I reasoned, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Only problem being that one of them broke last year. Well, it didn’t literally break, but it did have a cavity. And the tightwad in me couldn’t stand the thought of paying to have a cavity filled, only to have the tooth removed later. So, I stalled some more until the school year was over (there is simply NO WAY I could lose a week during school), but made a goal to have them removed as soon as summer began. And voila! Here I am, officially wisdom-free.

I was sent to an oral surgeon because one of my intelligent little teeth was impacted. The surgeon had assumed that I would want to be sedated, but he didn’t argue when I told him that I just wanted to be numbed. If I can handle natural childbirth five times, I can certainly handle having a few little teeth pulled. It was actually a very quick and fairly painless procedure, and I thought it was kind of interesting to hear him talk about what he was doing as he cut my tooth away.

Because they had planned on sedation, I was required to bring someone with me to drive me home. That someone was Todd. Once my teeth were pulled, I headed out to the waiting area to meet him and…he was gone. Gone! I wondered if he’d gone out to the suburban to get something. It was gone. GONE! I was stranded! Furiously, I whipped out my cell phone to call him. No answer. I called again. Nothing. I called about fifteen more times. Nope. Finally, after I had spent twenty minutes plotting my revenge while sitting on the lawn in front of the office trying to appear normal, he pulled into the parking lot. He had decided to go get himself some lunch while he was waiting for me. He is now in VERY BIG TROUBLE. Very big. I may not forgive him until I’ve found a way to force him to wait in front of a random doctor’s office looking like a giant mute overstuffed chipmunk.

Twenty-four hours later, I’m wondering what all of the wisdom tooth fuss is about. I feel fine. I haven’t had to take any pain meds today, and one side of my jaw feels perfectly normal. The other side, where they had to cut out some bone, feels kind of achy, but it’s nothing compared to last week’s broken toe (which is still bruised, by the way). So far the hardest part has been not eating solid foods. I made yummy chicken divan for dinner last night and then had to stand by and watch helplessly as my little barbarion hordes devoured it. I may actually lose some of that stubborn baby weight!


One Response to “Check That One Off the List!”

  1. Jessica Clouse Says:

    Not to be rude, but that’s just not fair!! All four of mine were impacted, & it took me a good week to recover – I was in sooooooo much pain (makes me cringe thinking about it). I’m glad you have a high pain tolerance, can you somehow pass that on to me?!?! Some people have all the luck:) And I was rolling on the floor about Todd leaving you. I understand your anger:)

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