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We Won!!!!! June 25, 2008

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WE WON!!! We won! We won! We won!

Tonight my candidate knocked his opponent out of the primary by a landslide! This was such an impressive victory, and it really restores my faith in American politics. We were running against an incumbent (notice how I say “we” as if I personally were running), and historically incumbents win in the primaries 98% of the time. We were outspent nearly 7 to one, and Mr. C did not have a single paid staff member. This just goes to prove that anyone CAN win an election. You don’t need to be independently wealthy, you don’t need to accept money from special interest groups, you don’t need to pander to the latest polls. Mr. C worked hard – really HARD – to get out a message that he believes in. He stayed focused, he stayed positive, and he WORKED. Here we are together after his victory speech – you’ll have to excuse my icky sweaty face, I had just spent a long, hot night watching the polls and partying!

The moral of this story is: get involved! As Mr. C says, RAISE YOUR HAND. Be willing to step forward and make a difference. This was a grassroots campaign run completely by volunteers, and we did it! (Okay, okay, we still have the general election in November, but our district is so heavily Republican that we should win easily – not that I’m taking anything for granted.)

And now for my campaign funny of the day – yesterday (the day before the election) was absolutely CRAZY, as you might expect. I was doing campaign work all morning, but I had to make a quick trip to the store after lunch to pick up Jakob’s birthday present. As I made a mad dash into Walmart, I took three campaign calls – two from volunteers and one from Mr. C himself! That’s right, I’m so important that I take calls from future congressmen while I’m shopping at Walmart. đŸ˜‰ Only in America!


One Response to “We Won!!!!!”

  1. Jessica Clouse Says:

    Yaaah!!! Good job:) And about McCain, I’m not happy with everything he believes in (too liberal for me), but I think he’s the lesser of the two evils.

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