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Camping With the Cousins June 30, 2008

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We just got back from a camping trip with my grandparents and two of my cousins. It was soooo nice to be able to slow down for a few days after such a hectic month. My only complaint is that the trip ended too soon. Here are a few highlights:

We all got to know my cousins Christian and Colton better. They’re great kids, even if Christian doesn’t know he’s supposed to open his eyes for pictures. 😉

Jakob learned that a marshmallow roasting stick can double as a baseball bat.

The kids took on a very messy stream reconstruction project to better facilitate sailing the boats that Great Grandpa made for them. Jakob was the site supervisor.

My family (with the exception of the ever-missing Frank) came up to spend the day with us on Saturday. Mean, mean Erik smeared me with pineapple pieces (I was innocent, I swear). He is no longer my favorite brother, even if he does give the world’s coolest Christmas presents. Connor and Myles challenged each other to an exciting game of ladder golf. Here, Myles has just made an amazing shot (or so he thinks).

But Connor was determined to get even. Just look at that determined face. There’s determination for you. Yup. I’m pretty sure he missed that shot, by the way.

And now for the non-photographic highlights:

Emma and Josh each caught a fish.

Josh decided that fish heads are “AWESOME” and spent the better part of a day carrying a bunch around in a baggie.

Todd learned that dutch oven cooking over a fire is not the same as dutch oven cooking over charcoal.

We all learned that peach cobbler pudding is still delicious, even when undercooked.

Everyone gained about ten pounds from all of the delicious food. My family knows how to EAT!

When we got home, I started to sort laundry and found this in one of my hampers:

Yes, those are hand-me-down pink pajamas. I was desperate. Don’t judge me.

And finally, it would seem that my redneck family really rubbed off on Josh. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a redneck.

And that’s all for now, folks. After spending the weekend in the mountains, I get to spend this week in our own special mountain of very, VERY dirty laundry.


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