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Show Down at the Seven Peaks Corral July 10, 2008

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As you may have noticed by now, our family loves water. So naturally, one of our favorite field trips is our annual excursion to Seven Peaks Water Park. Up until this year.

The setting: Seven Peaks baby pool

The cast: Todd, Jennifer, Joshua, Jakob, two young punks

Joshua and Jennifer are headed over to the kiddie pool, after having successfully conquered the Tube Run. Jennifer sets the very bulky double tube down at the edge of the pool to check in with Todd and Jakob.

Joshua: Dad, Dad, I did it! It was awesome! (High fives Todd)

Jakob: Mother, my nefarious father is trying to convince me that I won’t drown if I try to stand up in this ankle-deep water. He keeps pointing out that all of the other toddlers are happily playing and splashing in the pool, but I know that their shrieks of glee are really a disguise for the terror they are feeling. Help me, dear Mother!

Jennifer: Hi Jakester! Are you having fun with Daddy?

Jakob: Sigh.

Jennifer picks up Jakob and turns to see an empty spot where she has just placed her tube. Scanning the surrounding areas, she notices two teen boys giggling and running across the grass with a suspiciously familiar looking tube. She takes off running after them, still carrying Jakob.

Jennifer: (In her meanest, loudest voice) HEY! Is that your tube?!!

Punks: (Looking BUSTED) Um…., it was just sitting there.

Jennifer: That is MY tube! I could have you removed from the park for taking it. You do NOT take other people’s tubes!

Punks look terrified as they drop the tube and run away from the scary lady with the baby as fast as possible. Jennifer picks up the tube and victoriously drags it back across the park, much like a lioness taking prey back to her pride.

Moral of the story: Don’t mess with the Mommy!

I actually had to spend the better part of the afternoon dishing out vigilante mommy justice, as there were hordes of rambunctious, unsupervised teenagers several soccer and volleyball camps attending the park that day. The lines were l-o-n-g, and I was amazed at the different line cutting techniques those kids came up with. They weren’t getting by me though. Nope. No way. If you happen to hear stories about the Crazy Seven Peaks Line Nazi, mea culpa.

Thieves, crowds, and line-cutters aside, we actually had a great time. The Tadpole pool was delightfully warm, and Joshua had a fabulous time going down all of the slides and climbing on the giant water snake.

Daredevil Emma went on all of the tube slides with me (we loved the Vortex) and also did some solo slidin’.

Sarah took her brother Ben, and spent the afternoon pretending like she didn’t know the rest of us.

Jakob enjoyed running away from Daddy at every possible opportunity and pointing out the seagulls. (It’s too bad I forgot the “Don’t point the camera into the sun” rule.) He did NOT enjoy the actual “water” part of the water park. I know, go figure.

No, I haven’t forgotten about Daniel. He’s at scout camp. 😦 I miss my helpful child. And yes, I did get his permission to go to Seven Peaks without him. I’ll let him go with a friend later on this summer.


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  1. Ker Says:

    That’s so funny. Teenagers think they’re so sneaky and funny, but don’t mess with the mommy! Thanks for the blog address…here’s mine.. and you’ve been TAGGED!

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