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Sometimes I Just Don’t Know What to Say August 16, 2008

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One of the reasons I like summer so much is that we can catch grasshoppers to feed to Sabrina, our pet tarantula.  Yes, for four blissful months each year we no longer have to buy bugs to feed to a…bug.  It makes me happy.  Unfortunately, as the summer wears on, the grasshoppers get bigger, and Sabrina can’t eat them very quickly.  She likes to savor her food.  As a result of this, we currently have two grasshoppers living with her.

This morning, I came downstairs to find Emma and Joshua huddled around Sabrina’s cage, eagerly watching the goings-on.

Emma turned to me and siad excitedly, “Mom, the two grasshoppers are making love!”

“Yeah, Mom, it’s like this-”  Josh then proceeded to give me a very enthusiastic visual demonstration.

My wisdom filled response:  “I need to go pick some tomatoes.”


2 Responses to “Sometimes I Just Don’t Know What to Say”

  1. Jessica Clouse Says:

    Oh no! I’m not looking forward to that talk at all:) Good luck is all I can say (and hee hee, it’s your turn first).

  2. janae Says:

    Oh my gosh. That is hilarious. What on earth do you say?? I’m terrified for my kids to grow up! 🙂

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