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That’s Amore! September 9, 2008

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Warning:  Prepare yourself for some unabashed gushing.  And pretend like I was able to figure out how to get an accent mark over the “e” in “amore.”  Think “Lady and the Tramp.”

I love my town.  LOVE IT!  I love that I can see mountains no matter which way I turn.  I love that Main Street has been compared to Mayberry by some “snooty” out-of-towners.  I love that the city’s population gets their dander up whenever change is mentioned, whether it be school boundaries, closing city parks, or bringing in big box stores – gasp!  I love our teeny little book stores and the fact that we have more baseball fields per capita than just about anywhere. I even love the fact that our kids were given police escorts to school last year due to a bear in the neighborhood.  And last but least, I LOVE that it’s so family friendly.

This summer we were able to take our kids to a concert, various events at our week long summer festival, the County Fair (Emma’s pillowcase was selected to go to the State Fair), and an Arts Festival – all free of charge and jam-packed with fun activities for the kids.

On Saturday, I found yet another reason to love my town.  It was the first annual Kite Festival, and it was FUN!  Huge, colorful kites were everywhere.  There were enormous fish, a giant squid, and beautiful butterflies and dragons floating through the air.  Jet skis were pulling stunt kites on the reservoir.  There was a “Green Fair” held in conjunction with the kite fest where we were able to test drive funky bikes, scooters, and even Segways.  The kids were able to make their own kites and try them out on a special kite field, and there was even a Chinese kite museum.  All of this was, of course, free of charge.

Are you jealous yet?  You should be.  We live in the best little city on the planet.


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