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Can I Have a Little Cheese…. October 3, 2008

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with my whine?

No, we haven’t fallen off the face of the planet.  It was illness interruptus.  That’s right, we just survived the first sickness of the school year.  Right during the busiest week of the school year.  So in between taking Sarah to school at 5:30 (5:30!) every morning for driver’s ed, running the school book fair (which totally rocked this year – we were able to donate $4000 worth of books to the school and classroom libraries), getting ready for two town hall meetings (which pretty much means I had to personally call and invite everyone in the counties – ok, maybe not quite everyone, but close), and coaching soccer, I was also throwing up profusely.  Jakob had some nasty symptoms related to the other end of his anatomy.  Todd and Sarah both claimed to be sick, but I think it was just to get out of cleaning the house.  If mommy ain’t cleaning, ain’t nobody cleaning.  The ocd freak in me is having a really hard time with that last sentence.

Thankfully, we all survived.  Although the house is still looking iffy.  I was looking forward to a brighter and better week to come when Todd got laid off.  So if any of you are aware of any ridiculously high paying jobs in software development, let us know.  Because starvation is imminent.  We might even be willing to look into not-so-ridiculously high paying jobs.  In fact, by the end of the month garbage collection jobs will probably start to look good.

So, how has your month been?


3 Responses to “Can I Have a Little Cheese….”

  1. janae Says:

    oh my gosh, I am so sorry!! Job/money stress is the worst. Talk about going from one kind of stomach sickness to the next. Blech. You have such a way with words, though. You make awful sickness entertaining, and job loss downright funny. (Not the loss, just the “ridiculously high paying” and “garbage collection” jobs.) I don’t know of anything, and can’t do much, but I’ll pray for you. 😉

  2. Kerri Says:

    Oh Jen, what a week. I’m so sorry about the sick and Todd. You are in our prayers and we’ll keep our eyes open for you!

  3. Jessica Clouse Says:

    Oh no!! I’m so sorry…every time something bad happens to me, I try to think “something good will come of this”. It helps me:) Good luck & I’m sure he’ll find a new, wonderful job!

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