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Oh, the Horror of it All! November 15, 2008

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*Ahem…I am posting this even later than I originally thought.  I actually typed it up a week ago, but apparently I forgot to hit that pesky “publish” button.  I’m telling you, it’s those insidious forces…

I know, I know, I should have done my Halloween post days ago, but those insidious forces are still at work.

Anyway, our Halloween was way scarier than your Halloween – Sarah got her driver’s license!  Sarah.  Driving.  Told you it was scary.

Any now for the obligatory “Look at my cute kids in their costumes” picture:


Emma is the Corpse Bride from her favorite movie of the same title.  Joshua is Jengo Fett.  Jakob is a hand me down dinosaur.   Yes, the boys’ costumes are store bought.  Insidious forces, people,  insidious forces.  At least Em was creative.  Weird, but creative.


One Response to “Oh, the Horror of it All!”

  1. Kerri Says:

    DRIVING…like on her own type driving. That is a SCARY thought, but I have one right behind her! Cute pics…at least you got your’s in. I don’t even have mine up. Oh well….insidious forces have broken my camera.

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