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I’m So Excited! January 18, 2009

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One of my great joys in life is planning family vacations.  I enjoy actually going on the vacations, too, but the planning is what brings me true bliss.  There are locations to research, itineraries to create, and budgets to prepare.  It seriously brings me months of pleasure.

So you can imagine my happiness when my final visitor’s guide arrived in the mail today.  This year we’ll be packing up Ye Olde Travel Trailer to head for the beautiful Black Hills of  South Dakota.  I’ve been researching campgrounds all day.  I should have been preparing my Relief Society (church) lesson, but this is much more fun.  Apparently South Dakota takes their campgrounds very seriously, because there are quite a few that look amazing.  They offer swimming, fishing, horseback riding, pancake breakfasts, wagon rides, the list goes on and on.The campground decision alone should take at least a week.

And then there are the activities to plan.  We’ll go to Mt. Rushmore, of course, but what about the caves?  The National Forests?  The museums and wildlife preserves?  Oh, the unspeakable joy of it all!

I’m telling you, I’ve got months of planning ahead of me.  This is gonna be fun!


5 Responses to “I’m So Excited!”

  1. Kerri Says:

    Sounds like fun! Can we stow away?? Have fun planning and don’t cram too much into each day. You’ll need a vacation from your vacation!

  2. janae Says:

    Okay, so just reading your post got me excited! I’m so like you – I love reading up on places and planning out where we’ll go and what we’ll do. So IF we get a job back west, I have already mapped out our driving destinations from Maryland to California. Now I’m trying to see if we can fit in South Dakota. Mt Rushmore! The black mountains! It all sounds so wonderful!!

  3. Mindy Says:

    I went on a road trip up there a couple of years ago. It was realy cool, we went to alot of random places – like this replica of stonehenge made out of old cars. If I ever dig out my stuff I will let you know of some other cool places that I can’t really remember the names of – but they were very cool I assure you.

  4. Diann Beckman Says:

    hey Jenny your aunt Diann here…Grandma & Grandpa went to the black hills last summer… I’m sure that they could be a great resource. Love you.

  5. Amy Says:

    Wall Drug. You could spend a week there alone. 🙂

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