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I Love to See the Temple January 26, 2009

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Last Saturday we went on a family field trip to the Draper Temple Open House.  As expected, it was absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful. 

Here’s a quick rundown:

You actually begin your tour at one of three color-coded stake centers situtated somewhat near the temple.  Our tickets were for the “green” one.  It had a HUGE parking lot.  Ginormous.  We’re still trying to figure out why a stake center would need that many parking spots.  But it worked well for the open house, so kudos to them.  At the stake center we were shown a little movie about temples and the history of Draper.  It was very well done.  I especially enjoyed Elder Holland’s comments on temples.  I enjoy Elder Holland’s comments on anything.

We then boarded a bus for the six-minute ride to the temple.   When we arrived at the temple lot, we were let out into a very, very long tent covered passageway.  (The tents were used to keep out the all of the ran and snow.)   Apparently our fellow bus passengers took this as an opportunity to brush up on their marathon running skills.  Everyone practically jogged the entire way (which I estimate to be about a gazillion miles, by the way).

And then we were inside the temple.  Let me reiterate:   it was gorgeous.  Since I’ve never been to a temple open house before, I hadn’t realized that it would be a silent tour (in retrospect – duh!).   I tried to keep up with Joshua and Emma so that I could explain to them what they were seeing, but they raced while I waddled.  It was okay.  They loved it anyway.

We started in the baptistry area.  Jakob was captivated by the font, so we stood and watched the water ripple for a few minutes before moving on.  We then went through the marriage waiting area (huge), dressing rooms, instruction rooms, and the brides’ dressing area.  Then we went on to the ordinance rooms, which again were very spacious, and finally to the celestial room, which our kids breezed right on through.  Jakob spent a few minutes looking at the sparkly  chandelier, but only because he was a captive audience (Todd was holding him at this point, as his tiny legs had had all of the walking that they could take).  It was really thrilling for me to have my entire family together in the celestial room, even if I couldn’t catch up with most of them.

To culminate the tour, we were ushered into a sealing room where a couple spoke to us about temples and being sealed to our families for time and eternity.  Then we were able to stand as a family and look into the mirrors going on forever.  Awww…..

From there we followed another tent tunnel to a nearby stake center with a reception area set up with additional information on temples, artwork on Christ, and COOKIES.  Jakob got his second wind and quickly headed over to the cookie table with Todd and the rest of the kids in hot pursuit. 

Jakob’s favorites:  The baptismal font, the sparkly lights, and the COOKIES!

Josh’s favorites:  Everything!  (But I’m guessing he would place a higher priority on the cookies and bus rides.)

Emma’s favorite:  The mirrors in the sealing room.

Sarah and Daniel’s favorites:  Please.  They would never admit to having enjoyed this.  Sarah did ask lots of questions, though.


One Response to “I Love to See the Temple”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Sounds like the Temple was a hit:)
    Reading about the frigid temps has me a bit worried. We’re moving up there in 2 weeks…are we CRAZY?! I think so.
    You were cracking me up with your questions…especially about short people being smarter. And congrats to your brain child!! What an honor.
    How are you feeling, by the way? Hope you have a good week!

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