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Shining Moments February 4, 2009

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We’ve had a temporary respite from the blisteringly cold temperatures of January.  This has allowed me to return to one of my favorite “mommy” tasks – picking up Joshua from kindergarten.  Okay, okay, I pick him up from school every day, but I really love it when I can walk to school to get him.

Here is how it goes:

Jakob sees me getting ready for the big walk and races to find his shoes.  Bella starts to dance delightedly by the front door.  I get everyone appropriately bundled, attach Bella’s leash to the stroller, and away we go.

When we arrive at the school, I see Josh’s smiling face as he watches us make our way up the sidewalk.  He is our happy child.  Everything that he does is “awesome!”  So as we turn around to make our way back home, we are regaled with tales of his kindergarten triumphs.  Today he has an old gingerbread man art project.  It is awesome.  I tell him that I have banana nut muffins in the oven for lunch.  Awesome!  He remembers that it is an early out day for all of the older students.  Awesome!

I enjoy the sunlight and my boys’ happy giggles.  Awesome!


One Response to “Shining Moments”

  1. Kerri Says:

    Awesome! 🙂

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