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Kids These Days February 10, 2009

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The youth of our ward were assigned to give talks in Sacrament Meeting last week.  All of them.  Sarah decided to take a stand.  She had not been asked to give a talk.  She had been TOLD.  Sarah does not like to be told what to do.  Therefore, she refused to give a talk.

Sunday came.  Sarah’s YW president convinced her to sit on the stand with the rest of the young women, as Sarah had consented to participate in the musical number.  About 3/4 of the way through the program, Sarah jumped up and gave an impromptu talk on how she had unintentionally turned a drink down at a recent high school dance.  But she would have turned it down intentionally if she had realized what was being offered.  I thought her talk was unintentionally hilarious.

Daniel was next.  His talk was a scathing indictment on those who choose to goof off instead of attending church and scouts.  How those two came to be siblings, we’ll never know.

Speaking of Daniel, he has just completed another programming job, for which he was paid $30 an hour.  Look for his work soon on  Seriously.

And finally, a photo essay by Joshua:

A Day in the Life of a Bionicle










(P.S.  Do you like the new look?  It makes my somewhat lengthy posts seem much, much shorter.  Although I’m becoming more and more envious of the cute stuff everyone does on blogspot.  Should I just move my blog over there?)


2 Responses to “Kids These Days”

  1. janae Says:

    That was hilarious!! And I love the new look. But don’t move to blogger. Everyone knows that wordpress is a thousand times better. It’s like pc vs. mac. (Ha, ha, you see where my loyalties lie there!) I only use blogger because I’m too dumb to do wordpress.

  2. Mindy Jensen Says:

    So how does Daniel find these programming jobs? My husband seriously needs to get hooked up with something like that, then he could get paid for all those hours he spends creating programs just for “fun and learning”. Who does work for nothing, really? (Just as a side note, luckily he does this computer work while he is at his real job, so I guess technically he is getting paid.)

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