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My SLOW Monday February 10, 2009

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6:00 am – The alarm clock goes off.  I moan and hit the sleep button.  Repeatedly.

Eventually I crawl out of bed, take a long, HOT shower, and wake Todd up by hitting his foot.  Repeatedly.

7:23 am – Daniel leaves for the bus stop.

7:40 am – Todd leaves for work, Sarah leaves for school.

8:30 am – Joshua and Emma leave for school.  I wake up Jakob.

9:00 am – Jakob and I head out to Josh’s kindergarten class for kindergarten helper time.

10:00 am – We are finished being kindergarten helpers.  I am glad I chose not to teach kindergarten.

11:30 am – I drive to school to pick up Josh since it is raining.  Warm chocolate chip muffins and boiled eggs await us at home.  I discover that warm chocolate muffins are MESSY.

The rest of the afternoon is spent cleaning the kitchen, admiring various Bionicle creations, and doing lots and lots of laundry (don’t worry, all of the cell phones are safe – this time).

2:50 pm – Sarah arrives home.

3:10 pm – Daniel arrives home.

3:30 pm – Emma arrives home.  We celebrate by eating ice cream.

4:00 pm – I assign chores and head out to the local grocery store for Monday shopping.  Emma is my designated “shopping buddy.”

5:00 pm – Make some dinnah.


Tonight’s menu:

Malibu Chicken

Rice Pilaf

Steamed Veggies

Strawberry Cheesecake for dessert!

(Yes, ice cream and cheesecake on the same day.  We deserve it for having survived another Monday.  Also, the strawberries aren’t moldy.  They’re just frozen. )

7:30 pm – Family Home Evening (This never goes well.)

8:00 pm – Begin sending various children to the bath tub.  This is especially important for Jakob, who is wearing the day’s meals.

image008Oops – one more batch of laundry in the background to fold.  It’s just jeans (with Sarah’s jacket thrown on top).  It’ll go quickly.

9:00 pm – Bedtime – because in my overly pregnant state I require about a bazillion hours of sleep.

How was your Monday?


3 Responses to “My SLOW Monday”

  1. janae Says:

    I wish my Monday were your Monday, because that means that I wouldn’t have to do the nine loads of laundry that await me (curse this tiny washing machine the apartments have!) because I would have done them yesterday. Otherwise, my Monday was equally as fascinating. Minus the kids leaving and then coming back.

  2. Kerri Says:

    Wow…Mondays are your crazy…mine are Tuesdays. Right now though Hailey’s off track, thanks to year round school, and my days are slightly less hectic. The calm before the storm returns!

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