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Today’s Conversations With My Children February 25, 2009

Filed under: large familes,parenting,preschoolers,teenagers — mommyoffive @ 2:47 pm

Me: Jakob, it’s time to go.

Jakob: In a minute.

Me: No, we have to go now.

Jakob: No, not now.  In a minute.   You need to wait.

My thoughts – I clearly overuse certain phrases.

Me: (Upon coming downstairs and seeing milk spilled on the counter, on the floor, and down the front of the dishwasher.)  Joshua, you need to get a paper towel and wipe up your mess.

Josh: (Happily eating a bowl of cereal.)  I didn’t make that mess, the milk did!

Sarah: Mom, are people really born who are part boy and part girl?

Me: Sometimes.

Sarah: Is it common?

Me: No, it’s pretty unusual.

Sarah: Can I tell Daniel he’s really part girl?

My thoughts – I think I liked my conversation with Jakob better.


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