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See, I CAN Think of Other People March 13, 2009

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I just realized that my last several posts have been all about me. Me, me, me. Therefore, to prove that I’m not totally narcissistic, and because it’s been a slow news week, I give you:

Ze Children – An Update

Sarah is frantically working on the track team fundraiser.  (It’s due today.)  Anyone want to buy some overpriced cookie dough?  She is also trying REALLY hard to bend the “no driving with friends until you’ve had your license for six months” law.   She claims it’s only illegal if you get caught.

Daniel is bummed that his science fair project was selected to move on to BYU.  He likes science fairs about as much as his mother likes being pregnant.  And yet we both keep doing it…  After much waffling, he decided not to be on the tennis team this year, so that he can spend more time programming.  (His mother has mixed feelings about this.)  He will still be reffing soccer, though.  (Is reffing a word? How about refereeing? How do you even spell those?)

Emma is trying to convince me to host a game party for all of her friends.  Apparently it’s the totally “in” thing to do right now.

Joshua wants to know who keeps stealing his money.  I only took two dollars, I swear.  But Sarah seems to have some extra change in her room…

Jakob is NOT adjusting well to daylight savings time.

The baby has lots of hiccups.  (S)he continues to think that salad is still an unacceptable food choice for mommy.

The washing machine has pulled out of it’s funk.  The downstairs furnace, however, is in all-out rebel mode.  And those pesky furnace repairmen seem to think that I need to be home for a four hour block of time so that they can come fix it.  That’s not gonna be happening any time in the near future.  We are coping by using our teeny tiny little space heater and praying for sunny days.


2 Responses to “See, I CAN Think of Other People”

  1. Jessica Clouse Says:

    I know I say this a lot, but your entries are so entertaining!! They are a lot of fun to read:) I’m glad you & your family are doing well…how are you feeling?? And I hope your heater gets fixed soon!
    In our move I forgot to write down any of my email addresses (they’re lost). I still haven’t set up a new email acct, I’ll try to do it today. Then I can update you via email. (he’s doing fine)
    Oh, & I love your quote of the week.
    Have a good, restful Sunday:)

  2. Kerri Says:

    Hey glad to hear it’s not just MY teeny that leaves things to the last minute and who REALLY wants to drive with her friends and thinks it totally unfair. I however heartily agree with this new law! Glad to hear that everyone is doing well, except you and Jakob (He’ll adjust eventually……probably by the time we turn the clocks again!). Hang in there!

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