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Why am I so Happy? March 20, 2009

Filed under: large familes,life — mommyoffive @ 9:03 am

Because SPRING is officially here!

Which means we can do more of this:



…and that on St. Patrick’s day not only did we have green clothes and lots of green food, but we also had green GRASS to play on!

…and a new soccer season has begun.  (Although I’m just a tiny bit sad that I’m not coaching this year.)

…and that flowers are starting to peek through the ground.

…and that our chickens are starting to lay eggs again.

…and that I should be debabyfied in just over a month.

I’m also happy because there is no school today, so I got to sleep in (a little) and hang out in my pajamas reading the newspaper all by myself this morning.  I also have the option of A) Getting dressed in my baggiest clothes, wearing no make-up, and putting my hair in a ponytail for the day, or B) Attempting to make myself presentable and finding a friend to go out to lunch with.   If only I could find a nudist restaurant, I could have the best of both worlds.  Although I wouldn’t want the chefs to be nude.  That would just be bad.

And I’m happy that everyone brought really yummy food to Book Club last night.  (You didn’t really think it was about the books, did you?)  I’m not so happy that my family ate all of the leftovers as soon as my back was turned, though.  I think they must all be part piranha.

But mostly, I’m happy that this week is almost over!  Because it has NOT been a good one.

I am also extremely, exceptionally, extraordinarily happy that we have good health and dental insurance.  One week.  All deductibles met.  And we should have put more money into our cafeteria plan.


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