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Fishin’ Fever March 22, 2009

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For those of you who don’t know, we live across the street from a river.  It was one of the main selling points of our house.

Joshua loves this river, mostly because of all of the fishing opportunities it presents.  All winter long, he explored the river bank, finding the best, most top-secret spots to fish from.  He searched, he planned, he waited.

Last Friday he made his move.

“Dad,” he exclaimed as he burst through the door just seconds after Todd’s return home from work, “you have to come see all of my fishing spots!  There’s some really good ones where you can climb down by the river and sit on some logs and the water is really deep and there are rocks for the fish to hide by and it’s getting warm so the fish will be really hungry and I really think we should go fishing now because we would catch lots of fish and there are lots of awesome places…”  He kept going as they left to check out his super special fishing spots.

When they returned, Joshua was still talking nonstop.  The Jakester had found a fishing pole in the garage and was now brandishing it wildly around the family room.   What was a dad to do?  A fishing trip was planned for the next morning.

The two munchkins were up early, dressed in their very best fishing clothes.  In our parental wisdom, we decided that despite the river’s awesome fishing spots, it was running way too high, muddy, and fast to actually catch anything.  And the little guys really wanted to catch some fish.  So they headed out to the “not very scenic but guaranteed to have some good fish in it” reservoir instead.  It was a ten minute drive instead of a 30 second walk, but sometimes sacrifices must be made for the sake of little boys.

Once there, they set up shop.  There was some casting…


And lots of waiting…


And finally, sweet success!


The fish were delicious, by the way.



2 Responses to “Fishin’ Fever”

  1. janae Says:

    You really have to stop doing all these posts about Spanish Fork. I miss it enough as it is without you always reminding me of how WONDERFUL it is. 😉

    ps. I’m glad you caught some fish at the reservoir!

  2. Jessica Clouse Says:

    Can you email me @ Thanks:)
    (cute pics by the way!)

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