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When Did This Happen??? March 26, 2009

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Something terrifying happened last night.

As you’ll recall, Daniel’s science fair project was selected to move on to the Central Utah Technology and Engineering Science Fair (or something like that).  He was not happy about this.  He thinks science fairs are boring.

Anyway, on the day his school was doing the online registering for the fair, Daniel was away on some kind of class field trip (Jazz band?  State capital?  I can’t remember.) and didn’t get registered.  We could have registered him from home, but since I assumed it was being done at school, I just didn’t bother to check.  I know, Bad Mommy.  So Daniel thought he was off the hook.  I gave him the “responsibility” lecture, but I really wasn’t too torn up about it.  In all honesty, his project wasn’t that good, and having him not participate in the science fair meant three fewer trips into Provo for me.  I’m all about not getting into and out of the Suburban these days.  Subs are NOT designed for preggos.

We moved on with our lives, forgetting all about the science fair until the phone rang last night at about 9:15 pm.  It was Daniel’s science teacher, wanting to know why Daniel’s project wasn’t set up at BYU yet.  He was not happy.  Daniel explained that he had missed the registration deadline.  But apparently the registration gods had mysteriously intervened and he was in.  No one knows how it happened.

Being the supportive parents that we are, we began lecturing him about waiting until the last minute to figure all of this out.  He replied, “Well I just called my friend who also wasn’t there for registration and she said…”

Hold the phone. She said?  She said??

My son has a friend who is a girl and he has her phone number programmed into his phone and he feels comfortable calling her at 9:30 at night.

I now have two teenagers interacting with members of the opposite sex.  I could barely handle one.  Excuse me while I hyperventilate.

Daniel is at the science fair right now, by the way.  He had to leave at 7:00 am in the middle of a blizzard to get his project set up on time.  And his friend isn’t there.  I can breathe easily for one more day…


One Response to “When Did This Happen???”

  1. janae Says:

    you. are. HI.LA.RI.OUS.

    Yeah, good luck with that one.

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