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Let the Games Begin! April 10, 2009

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The baby clothes are all washed and ready to go, the birth kit has arrived, and I am making the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man look slender.  It’s time for a baby poll!

In order for you to make a well-informed guess, I’ll give you all of the information I have.  (See how much I love you?)

Baby is currently head down, but posterior.  As of April 8th, I was measuring at 38 weeks.  The original due date was April 23rd, but Evil Ultrasound Man moved it back a bit because the baby was measuring small at my 20 week ultrasound.  I must point out, however, that my babies always measure small on their ultrasounds and that I had essentially eaten nothing during the months leading up to the ultrasound.  Once I was finally able to eat, the baby started to GROW.

I have had two psychic predictions.  You can find the first one here.  The next psychic (a real person) predicted a baby girl born on the evening of May 3rd.

I will be drinking castor oil on May 1st if the little tyke hasn’t arrived by then.

Stats for previous babies:

Sarah – 40 weeks, 8 lbs 10 oz, 21″ long

Daniel – 41 weeks, 7 lbs 12 oz, 19″ long

Emma – 41 weeks, 8 lbs 9 oz

Joshua – 40 + 3, 8 lbs 6 oz

Jakob – 40 + 5, 7 lbs 12 oz

That’s right, I can’t remember how long the last three were.

To ensure the most scientific results, I have set up a baby poll here.  (I know, I really need to get a life.)

You don’t need to register.  (I checked – I hate being forced to register.)  Just click on “Enter a Guess,” and then fill out your first name, how you know me,  and baby’s stats.  Scoring info is in the orange box on the right of the screen.

The winner will receive…..NOTHING.  Although if you guess an early arrival date and the baby actually arrives on said arrival date because you were sending all sorts of good labor vibes my way, you will earn my undying devotion.  I will love you so much that you might even have to take out a restraining order on me.

And speaking of labor:  Bring.  It.  On.


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