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Spring Break (Or Lack Thereof) April 15, 2009

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My poor kids.

Last year they did this for Spring Break:


This year I am nesting vicariously through them.  So instead of waking up to lots of sunshine and the sounds of “The Happiest Place on Earth,”  they got a snowstorm and a very long and detailed list of chores.  They’ve been cleaning all day.  Don’t feel too bad for them, though.  Daniel is on his way to St. George with some friends in a few hours, and the rest of them have been promised a trip to a cool swimming pool tomorrow if they are very good slaves workers today.

And in other news:  Five soccer games.  Three of them played in the rain.  One very wet, cold mommy.  I think that my motherly devotion has reached it’s limits.

Also, the scale refused to weigh me this morning.  It claimed that it had low batteries, but I know what it was really thinking…


One Response to “Spring Break (Or Lack Thereof)”

  1. janae Says:

    I know I make the same comment every time, but Jennifer, YOU’RE HILARIOUS! Every time I read your posts I think, “Man, I need to read more so I can be a better writer. Just. like. her.”

    I hope your slaves live up to your standards. 🙂

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