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When Jakob Finds Mommy’s Lipstick While Helping Daddy Clean the Bathroom April 23, 2009

Filed under: preschoolers — mommyoffive @ 9:29 am

Monday night found us with a very sick little boy on our hands.  He was moaning and vomiting into the wee hours of the morning.  He couldn’t even keep tiny sips of water down.  We think he snuck some unwashed strawberries while we were getting ready for dinner.

He spent all day Tuesday curled up on the beanbag chair with his blankie.  Aside from a few back rubs and an occasional bite of Jello, he just wanted to be left alone.  This left me with some much needed house cleaning time.  I was amazed at how much I could get accomplished without my tiny helper trailing along behind me, undermining my efforts inspecting my work.

He’s feeling much better now:



4 Responses to “When Jakob Finds Mommy’s Lipstick While Helping Daddy Clean the Bathroom”

  1. janae Says:

    Confession: I use the time that my kids are sick and lethargic to do all my cleaning. And I secretly enjoy it. Not that their sick, but that I am so liberated. And all my doing doesn’t get undone. 🙂

  2. janae Says:

    Oh, I can’t believe I just made the their/they’re mistake. I am completely ashamed. Please pretend you didn’t notice.

  3. mommyoffive Says:

    I’ll ignore your mess-ups if you’ll ignore mine. 😉

  4. ker Says:

    Oh yikes! So sorry he was sick and I’m glad he’s feeling better. But YIKES, what a way to show it. It almost look like Chinese or Japanese handwriting!

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