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Our Caribbean Vacation July 13, 2009

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Ahoy, Maties!  We’ve just returned from our Caribbean vacation!

Okay, maybe it was just a camping trip to the “Caribbean of the Rockies,” but a girl can dream, can’t she?

Thanks to good food, good company, and Mike’s slammin’ boat skillz, we had a fabulous time.

We worked on training the next generation of daredevils:



Sand art was created:



P7110029crop(This picture was cropped at Sarah’s request.  She refuses to have an internet presence without make-up.)

And as always, our trip was very educational.  We learned that:

*Cows make terrific camping neighbors.

*Daniel’s hair will lose it’s curl if left unwashed for four days.  And then Daniel will refuse to be seen in public until he gets a shower.  So we really just learned that Daniel is vain.  Who knew?

*50 SPF waterproof sunscreen is not infallible.

*Play-doh will keep nine children occupied in a camping trailer for hours.  I think a Nobel prize is in order for whoever invented it.

*If you give Jakob a flashlight at night to help him sleep after he has been “frightened” by a “scary” story, he will immediately become Cluny the Scourge.  And then he will continue to stay awake, terrorizing the rest of us for hours.

*Bunnies are smarter than we thought.

*I am no more graceful on waterskis now than I was twenty years ago.

*The kids really love their cousins.

Oh, and that beautiful turquoise blue color of the lake?  It’s all about the limestone, baby.

And you thought you weren’t going to learn anything from this post.



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