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Go, go, GO! August 6, 2009

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Whew!  The last few weeks have gone by in a blur!  Here’s the update:

Sarah got a new car!  Well, it’s actually a very old car, but the price was right.  She named it “Squirt,” since all good cars must have a name.


(Check out our new rides.  Notice how I can put cargo in my cool basket.)

My 4-H group became beachgoers as I took them rafting at Payson Lakes.  Unfortunately, we had to go home early, since a lightning storm hit.

The girls and I took a trip up to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house.  It’s an absolutely gorgeous temple, and I loved being there with my equally gorgeous girls!

We also had to attend the world’s longest swim meet – aka the county meet – where Emma’s relay team won the gold!  Or at least they took first place.  She also took fifth overall with her butterfly, and twelfth in freestyle.  I don’t know what the final results were for her breaststroke, since by then it was 10:30 pm and I just wanted to go home.

On Thursday I endured the agony of knowing that my children are about to become schoolgoers again as I spent the day helping out at registration.  The day wasn’t all bad though, since we got to hangout with some of Todd’s old high school friends at a barbecue that night.

Elisabeth’s baby blessing was on Sunday.   We are grateful for all of our churchgoing friends and family who had to get up early and go long distances to join us.

P8010004blog(This picture isn’t the greatest, but I hope you can appreciate the goliath effort I made in getting them all together for a picture before 9:00 am.)

On Friday, the girls and I set a goal to make matching skirts for the blessing.  You can see Em’s and Sarah’s above, and you can kind of see mine and Bitsy’s below.

P8020026(Picture taken by Josh)

And speaking of Elisabeth, she likes to hangout in her sling when we’re on the go.


(Yep, I only included that because she’s so darn cute.)

And now for the most important news of all:  Jakob is learning to go on the potty!

I took the oldest four kids to the dentist, where I was gobsmacked when Dr. P told me that Emma had ten cavities.  Then he started laughing and assured me that she actually had none.  He also asked if we’d ever considered naming any of our children “Jesse.”  Very funny, Dr. P.

Last night we took our easygoing birthday boy, Daniel, and two of his friends to Tucanos, where the goofs could pigout all they wanted.  It was a bittersweet occasion, since they were also saying “Adios, amigo” to Daniel’s best friend who is moving away this weekend.   Todd’s mouth was agog when he got the bill.  You’d think we’d been gobbling up gold.  Oh well, the food was good.

And we’re not finished yet.  Tomorrow we get to go camping with my grandparents, and next week we’ll be gone, baby, gone on a shopping trip to Vegas.

Goodbye for now!


3 Responses to “Go, go, GO!”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Hey Jeni,

    So do you think Sarah will have her friend go in a pay two dollars for gas each week? Do you have a picture of Kermie? That was a geat car (well sort of)! Do you have nicknames for you other children like the ones you had for your brothers? I loved the GOLIATH (cause I know how hard it is to get only 4 kids together for a pic) effort you made, your kids are so cute. Oh and what did you name the bike?

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Wow Nicerdoo – so many questions, so little time.
    Sarah isn’t going to the high school in our boundaries, so she won’t have anyone to scare to death – oops, I mean carpool with. So she’s on her own for the gas money. And no, I don’t have any pictures of Kermie, the best car EVAR. Of course I have nicknames for all of my kids. Sarah was Stinky, Daniel was Bubba, Emma still is Noodle, Joshua’s nicknames are all like his name – Josher, Yoshi, etc., same with the Jakester, and then we have Bitsy. And the bike’s name is Daisy. Todd is BooBoo. 😉

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