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I Get By With a Little Help From my Friends August 21, 2009

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Ladies and gentlemen, the first week of school is OVER and I have survived it!!

Here are the mandatory mugshots:

P8180029Sarah, 11th grade (yoikes!), departure time 7:35 am

P8180027Daniel, 9th grade, departure time 7:15 am (yoikes!)

P8180034Emma, 5th grade, and Joshua, 1st grade, departure time 8:20 am

I know, I know.  Last year I promised that this year’s “First Day of School” pictures would be more creative, but I wasn’t planning on having a new baby at the time.  Next year’s pics will be better.  Truly awe inspiring.  Just wait and see.

From reading my friends’ blogs, I have come to realize that as a good mother, I was supposed to take my middle children to school and drop them off at their respective classrooms with a loving hug and tearful goodbye.  Instead, I made sure they had their lunches packed and sent them out the door to walk the long, long half mile to school all by themselves.  Then I sat on the couch breathing into a paper bag and trying not to hyperventilate as I realized that I was going to have to take care of Jakob and Elisabeth all. by. myself.  I’m panicking again just thinking about it.

Day one went fairly well.  After a bit of a rough morning (Bitsy, who has been held her entire life, didn’t appreciate having to entertain herself for the 3.5 seconds I took to get ready), we headed off to a friend’s house for a Back to School Brunch.  This provided me with the courage I needed to return home and tackle a very messy kitchen and mountain of laundry, which is all folded and put away now thankyouverymuch.

On day two I managed a trip to the store with just the two of them in tow.  Thoughts of going to Book Club in the evening kept me strong as I bravely navigated the world of Wal-mart.  (Book read:  The Pelican Brief.  General consensus:  John Grisham is WAAAY overrated.  And 90’s technology is funny.)

Today we met up with a neighbor for a trip to feed the fishies as an end of the week treat for our preschoolers.


And right now, even as I am typing this very entry, Jakob is taking a nap and Elisabeth is gurgling contentedly.

Just what is the secret to my current success?  I’ve recruited a new babysitter:


Yes, Inky is sitting on the baby.  And the baby is clearly traumatized…



One Response to “I Get By With a Little Help From my Friends”

  1. Jessica Clouse Says:

    That picture of your baby & cat is hilarious!

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