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Sew Close to Disaster September 17, 2009

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As you may or may not know, I am a Domestic Goddess.  Gardening, baking, sewing, canning – oh, the joy they bring!  (You’ll notice cleaning was not on that list.  We all have our faults.) Just this week I canned 40 pounds of chicken and turned 16 pounds of strawberries into lots of strawberry jam.  Yummy!

But perhaps my greatest love is sewing.  I learned to sew out of necessity when I was younger (I was sadly built like a very tall spaghetti noodle – just try to find clothes in a store for a girl that size.), and I’ve been at it ever since.   I had to take a few years off during the sad, sad time of No Sewing Machine, but a while back I talked Todd into letting me buy a VERY cheap inexpensive sewing machine.  And it’s been a trooper, it really has.  It has sewn countless Halloween costumes, blankets, baby shoes, dresses – the list goes on and on.  During this summer alone I’ve made 5 skirts, 2 aprons, lots of pioneer trek clothing, 3 baby dresses, and 2 baby slings.  And it was a very slow summer, sewing-wise.

Do you remember how I don’t like to clean?  Well, lately I’ve been rewarding myself with an hour of nightly sewing time if I am a very good girl and get all of my cleaning chores done during the day.  I know, I’m pathetic.  But it’s been working.

Until Saturday night, when I went to sit down to sew  up a cute skirt for ME, only to discover that my trusty old uber-cheap machine had DIED.  Oh, the humanity!  I spent a frantic hour trying to resuscitate it, and then went on the computer to try to figure out its ailment.  I didn’t find any help for my machine, but I did find sewing blogs.  Lots of them.  Fantastic blogs filled with enough projects to last me through eternity.  Or at least for a very long time.

Well, those wonderful blogs gave me the inspiration I needed to keep working on my sewing machine.  The next day, Todd and I took it all the way apart, took a look inside, and shrugged at each other.  I mean seriously, have you ever looked inside one of those things?  I have no idea how they work.  Todd gave up and went downstairs to watch football, but I persevered.  I tapped on a funny looking metal thingy here, and adjusted a goofy looking plastic thingy over there, tested it, banged around some more, until TA-DA!  It was working!  Sort of.  The tension is all wonky, and it requires a lot of babying, but it WORKS!  Enough so that last night I was able to whip up a superhero cape for the Jakester.  Cute, huh?  The other side is yellow with a “SuperJake” emblem on it.  (BTW, there are tons of cute patterns on that site – go check them out!  She’s even doing an awesome giveaway right now!)

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to clean the kitchen so that I can sew some more tonight!



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