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CSI: Backyard September 24, 2009

Filed under: life — mommyoffive @ 2:34 pm

Upon entering the garden last Saturday morning for some much needed weeding and harvesting of tomatoes for salsa, I discovered a horrific crime.

Tomatoes had been eaten right off the vine.


Others had been plucked too soon and then thrown on the ground.


Some were both plucked and eaten.


The following suspects could be placed at or near the scene of the crime:

P9190032Rowena – leader of the Harry Potter Hens

P9190035Chico “You Can’t Keep Me in a Cage” Bunny

P9240124Bella – aka “Smelly Belly”

P9240119The Jakester

Any information leading to an arrest will be rewarded with a fresh jar of salsa a bag full of jalapeno peppers.


2 Responses to “CSI: Backyard”

  1. janae Says:

    Funny … but sad … but funny … but sad … but funny. We’ve only gotten two regular tomatoes so far. Weird season.

    ps. so are you sticking with ‘mommyoffive’ …. ?

    • Jennifer Says:


      Yep, I’m sticking with “mommyoffive” for now. Mostly because I’m too lazy to figure out how to change it, but also because I’m still contemplating moving over to blogger. And it has been a very weird season – this is definitely the most pathetic garden I’ve ever had.

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