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Analyze This October 29, 2009

Filed under: life,teenagers — mommyoffive @ 7:53 am

Last night I had a dream in which I was in a musical about a village being terrorized by crocodiles.  A musical.  About crocodiles. I was cast as the reporter.  I had to keep practicing my reporter voice, since I usually sound more like Minnie Mouse.

And our co-stars were, in fact, very intelligent and articulate crocodiles.  I vividly remember having a conversation with a very large crocodile about how we could make the scene in which he carried me away down the river more realistic.  And that’s not even the weird part…

I know what the dream was about, by the way.  The main theme seemed to be that I was totally unprepared (which is how I seem to live my life these days).   I hadn’t even practiced my solos yet.  In fact, I frantically trying to get the pianist to rehearse with me just once when the overture began.  I was racing down the river to take my place and I knew that I was never going to get there in time when the alarm went off.  Sweet, sweet, alarm.

Here’s where things get a little bit strange (cue Twilight Zone music):  When I was talking with Sarah as she was getting ready for school this morning, she said, “Mom, I keep having the weirdest dreams about crocodiles.

So not only do we look alike (she hates that), and sound alike (she really hates that), but we also DREAM alike (she thinks that’s kind of cool).

And no, we haven’t been watching movies about any sort of reptiles lately.


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