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Gratitude Month – Day 8 – Neighbors!!! November 8, 2009

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Here are the top ten reasons (in no particular order) why we have the best neighbors ever:

1.  When it was time to lay sod and I was 38 weeks pregnant with the Jakester, we had so many people show up to pitch in that it was done in thirty minutes.  And we hadn’t asked any of them to help.

2.  Book club!

3.  We’ve had four different families return Jakob after he escaped from our house.  Yes, we have a special lock on the front door.  No, our older children didn’t escape when they were little.

4.  Neighborhood barbeques in our cul-de-sac!

5.  Every Christmas, I *think* that I’ve made enough neighbor gifts, only to have way more people than expected bring gifts to us.  Round two of gift giving is even more fun!

6.  There are always lots of children playing on our street.  It’s a happenin’ place if you’re a little boy.

7.  When I was 43 weeks pregnant, on bed rest, and word got out that I was planning a home birth, no one told us we were crazy.  About a zillion people offered to bring over dinner, though.  A few of them even managed to sneak some in , despite our protests.  (We really were okay.)  And our next door neighbor brought over DELICIOUS desserts twice in one week.

8.  I can always find a walking buddy!

9.  Our kids have surrogate grandparents right across the street.

10.  While there are lots of differing religious, educational, and political viewpoints, we all love each other anyway.  And there is nothing I like better than a good debate!


One Response to “Gratitude Month – Day 8 – Neighbors!!!”

  1. Mindy Says:

    I’m glad we made your gratitude list. 🙂 I feel the same. I love this neighborhood!

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