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Gratitude Month – Day 23 – The Delete Key November 23, 2009

Filed under: 406 — mommyoffive @ 11:02 pm

“Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don’t unravel.”  ~Author Unknown

I didn’t get a lot of sleep in high school.  Was this because of my incredibly full social schedule?  Sadly, no.  It was because computers, and more specifically word processors, were *just barely* coming onto the scene, and thus I had to do all of my homework on – wait for it – a typewriter.  And I am a TERRIBLE typist.  Plus, my evil English teachers would not accept white out.  I KNOW.  I can’t believe the trauma I was forced to endure.

But now, tahnks to the mirtacle of modern technology, I dqan fix my typos with the touch of a button.

So you don’t have to read sentences like the one above.  Those are all honest typos, by the way.  I told you I was bad.


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