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Adventures in Modern Day Motherhood

Rules of Book Club December 16, 2009

Filed under: 406 — mommyoffive @ 9:06 pm

1) Dinner will not be eaten before attending Book Club.  If you choose to disobey this rule, you may not have room for all of the incredible treats.

2)  Some will like the book, others will hate it.  All opinions will be freely expressed.

3)  Small children and dogs are not welcome at Book Club.  They will try to get in anyway.

4)  Husbands shall not call their wives at Book Club, no matter how late it is.

5)  Personal struggles will be revealed.  Judgment will not be given.  Free therapy will abound.

6)  Insight will be attained.

7)  All food will be eaten, no matter how cute.


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