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Defying Gravity December 31, 2009

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The frog is alive and well.  Thank you to all who expressed their concern.

As far as New Years resolutions go, I’ve decided to take on a different approach for 2010.  Instead of the usual method of cataloging all of my shortcomings and setting a bazillion goals to overcome them and then giving up  on said goals even before seeing the end of January and spending the rest of the year beating myself up over the list of broken promises, I have chosen to set one goal that will actually make a difference.

Drum roll please….

This year I resolve to help clean up the United States Senate.

Think I can’t do it?  Hey, I helped kick out a congressman in 2008.  I’m already making progress.  (Remember that super secret project I’ve been working on?)  Watch for an exciting announcement to come soon….


5 Responses to “Defying Gravity”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Wow, I’m really excited. I wanted to come to that meeting many Saturdays ago, but that just ended up being a pretty bad day overall. If there is ever another one though I’d like to come and Stan probably would too.

  2. Atalie Cook Van Dam Says:

    I want to help! Put me to work!!!
    BTW – very cute blog!!! Linked in through carbon high class of 90 on facebook! Fun to see what your up to! Loved your book club post – most recent. Feel for the Snowman – except for the fact – he was edible!!!

    • Jennifer Says:


      Are you in Utah? Can I also just mention that you are my hero – I’ve definitely hit my limit with six kids, I have no idea how you handle ten.

  3. Mindy Says:

    If anyone can do it, you can. And that is a much needed indeed. Good luck.

  4. janae Says:

    Ha, ha! Good luck! You seem to have boundless energy, so I’m pretty sure you can do anything you put your mind to!

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