Keeping Up With the Jameses

Adventures in Modern Day Motherhood

Reach For the Stars – Part II January 17, 2010

Filed under: 406 — mommyoffive @ 11:48 pm

Saturday night found me working a political booth for…wait for it…Mike Lee.  I know, how could you possibly have seen that one coming?

I was actually enjoying myself – chatting with another awesome campaign member, hobnobbing with the enemy camps (they were actually all very friendly), discussing crazy right wing conspiracy theories – I’m tellin’ ya, it was good times.

Alas and alack, with a few more hours to go until it was time to pack up, I was starting to feel a bit hungry.  We all were.  Maybe a lot hungry.  Ravenous, even.

There we sat, damsels in distress, until, through the mists of the crowds, we saw him – our knight in shining armor.  To be sure, a very handsome dark knight strode up to our table and provided a solution to our woes.  A terrible, delicious solution.

Nathan Osmond told us to steal some chocolate cake from the banquet room next door.

And we did.


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