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Please Don’t Feed the Monkey January 24, 2010

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See this?

This is a banana.  Favorite childhood snack of many.  Beloved by all.  Innocent.  Harmless.

Unless you are this:

You see, just over a month ago Elisabeth was beginning her experience with solid foods.  We decided it might be time after she got into Sarah’s secret Oreo stash in her bedroom.  Yep – her first food was an Oreo and she ate it with relish!

After the Oreos, we eased into solids a little more cautiously.  First some baby cereal, then some squash, avacado, and applesauce.   By now, she was eating like a pro.  Then one fateful night, we fed her a mashed banana.  The next morning she woke up looking like a baby tomato.  Her face was bright red – BRIGHT red – and puffy.  She looked like she’d smeared herself with bright red lipstick.  Except that we don’t have any bright red lipstick left after all of Jakob’s lipstick adventures.

Of course, it was the day of her six month checkup (half a month late).  That wasn’t embarrassing at all.  Especially when the doctor said, “You might want to consider giving her some Benadryl next time something like this happens.”  Duh.  In my defense, none of my other kids have ever had an allergic reaction before.

It took over two weeks to get her back to looking normal.  Two weeks.  During which time we had multiple Christmas parties to attend.   And poor Elisabeth, she did not look cute.  Just puffy and red.  It was very sad.

Eventually though, her sweet, tiny face came back to us.  All was going well until a few days ago, when we were out of just about anything suitable for a baby to eat.  But we did have bananas.  We always have bananas.  I had been advised by the doctor to wait about a month and then try to feed her some bananas again, just to make sure they were the culprit.  Because really, who is allergic to bananas?

So I very carefully fed her a tiny bit of banana early in the day.  I washed her face three times after feeding her.  I watched her like a hawk for the rest of the day, ready to head off any signs of redness with a dose of Benadryl.  Nothing.  When I put her to bed that night, she was a perfectly normal looking child.  It must not have been the bananas.  I breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that my snack of choice was safe after all.

The next morning, I awoke to see this smiling up at me:

In conclusion, bananas are bad.


2 Responses to “Please Don’t Feed the Monkey”

  1. janae Says:

    Oh, poor baby! And poor mama! Bananas are just about the easiest, cleanest, and most convenient food to give when you’re on the go. My oldest brother LOVED bananas all growing up and serious ate one a day his whole life … until late in his 20s when he noticed his air passage closing more and more each time he ate bananas. So he went to the allergist. And the guy said if he ate another banana he’d probably die. So now my brother has to carry an epipen shot with him where ever he goes. Honestly. Who is allergic to bananas?!

  2. Amy Says:

    We used to have chocolate fondue for Mom’s night out. OK, not out, mostly in.
    Then we had someone join who was allergic to strawberries. So we kept 2 separate pots.
    Then someone joined who was allergic to bananas. we had 3 pots of chocolate.
    Then we had someone join who was allergic to chocolate. The era of fondue came to an end due to my inability to juggle that many complications of hot, melty tastiness.
    And the fact that at least 1 person didn’t eat dairy, so switching to cheese was not an option.

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