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Life Lessons March 14, 2010

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This has been a very educational week  for us.

Sarah learned that when you run into a heavy duty solid metal mailbox with a teeny tiny flimsy tuna can car, the mailbox will win.

Jennifer learned that she does not enjoy having to take Sarah to school every morning.   But, she does enjoy the conversations shared with Sarah while driving her home from school in the afternoon.

Daniel learned that if he puts ads on his new website, he will rake in the dough.  Just yesterday, his ad revenue was $2.13.

Jennifer learned that Daniel HAS a new website.

Emma learned that unloading the dishwasher is much easier than loading it.

Jennifer learned that if she makes Emma load the dishwasher, she will stop complaining about always having to UNload it.

Joshua learned that arms are very useful for things like getting dressed, brushing teeth, opening doors, playing with toys, taking showers, making snacks, putting on shoes…

Jennifer learned that Joshua used to be a lot more self-reliant than she thought he was.

Jakob learned that it is really easy to snatch toys right out of Josh’s poor, crippled hands.

Josh learned that even though his arms aren’t working, his feet can still be used as a weapon against his little brother.

Jakob learned to run really fast after stealing Josh’s toys.

Jennifer learned that no matter how hard she tries, she cannot cause the earth to rotate more slowly, thus fitting more hours into the day.

And Elisabeth learned how to do this:


2 Responses to “Life Lessons”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Wow, exciting week!

  2. janae Says:

    Is it exhausting to be this funny? Because sometimes it’s exhausting to laugh so hard (and then feel so bad) about your posts! 🙂

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