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Gimme a Break April 11, 2010

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If you live in Utah, Spring Break and snow go together like peanut butter and jelly.  As in, the snow messes up the spring break much like the jelly messes up the peanut butter.  Really, peanut butter is fine all by itself.  But I digress…

This particular spring break found me glued to my computer, frantically adding list after list after list to our campaign database.  For Mike’s sake, I’m glad that his events are well attended.  For my sake, not so much.  With the gloomy skies outside, the kids were happy to stay inside, making messes and playing Lego Star Wars.   They were glad that I was stuck on my computer.

On Thursday, it dawned on me that the break was almost over and I had done nothing fun with the little ones.  But first, I had to take Daniel to his college tour and orientation with the Best.  Tour guide. Evar.  You know Crush from Finding Nemo?  That was our tour guide.  I think he said the word “sweet” 482 times.  He also said “it’s a really on hands education” and “This is our hall of flags.  Each flag resembles a student who came from that country.”  And he kept tripping over his flip flops.  It was very entertaining.

On our way home, I noticed that the sun was shining.  Which could only mean one thing……..Yard work!  I called the kiddos outside and we raked, we weeded, we picked up garbage, and we laughed at Bitsy, who is terrified of grass.  The little ones polished up their “getting out of yard work” tactics.  Sarah and Daniel got out of yard work by coming down with some kind of stomach flu.  The lengths some people will go to.

Because I spent so much time outside on Thursday, by Friday I was WAY behind on campaign work.  I went to an early morning cottage meeting, then headed back home to reconnect with my delegate lists.  But first – I had to clean the kitchen.  As I was loading the dishwasher, Emma walked by and said, “Hey Mom, we haven’t done anything fun yet.  Let’s go to the zoo.”

Four little heads suddenly swiveled in my direction, eyes resting hopefully upon my face.  I considered for about .0043 seconds, and then said “Let’s do it!”  We all switched into high gear.  Daniel started fixing lunch for the little ones, Emma started packing the diaper bag, I was loading the dishwasher as fast as humanly possible.  “Hurry, before the phone rings!”

Twenty minutes later we were on our way.  Sixty minutes later we were lost.  Fifteen minutes later we were found.  Five minutes later we arrived at the zoo!  And for just a few hours during a stormy spring break, we had FUN!

(As you can probably tell, this is not really my picture.  I did take the camera, and I did take pictures.  Then Jakob took the camera, and now I can’t find my pictures.)


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