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This is the Life April 18, 2010

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(I’ve got jars like this all over the house.  The kiddos are not impressed.)

Yesterday was a glorious day.

The sun was shining –  Oh sun, how I’ve missed you! – and there was yard work to be done.

So I pruned our trees, much to the dismay of the children.  “Why is Mom cutting all of the branches off?!”  Then the boys discovered that they could sword fight with the branches, and all was forgiven.

And I weeded the garden while two little boys and one black chicken hovered nearby right on top of me, waiting anxiously for me to dig up some grubs (Jakob calls them blubs). When a grub was found, they would pounce.  First Jakob would pick it up and look at it really close up.  Then he would pass it on to Josh, who would look at it in disgust, and then they would feed it to Rowena, who would chicken-purr with contentment.

When they finally grew tired of grub watching, I kept working as I listened to the sounds of their giggling on the trampoline.

Elisabeth finally lost her fear of the grass and toddled around the yard, chasing the bunny and chewing on sticks.

We had pizza for dinner – prep work courtesy of Papa Murphy’s.

And perhaps best of all, I let Daniel drive me to Woodland Hills (yes, it is as pretty as it sounds) to deliver some campaign signs, and we SURVIVED!


One Response to “This is the Life”

  1. Mindy Says:

    That sounds like a great day! I have so much yard work to do, but for some reason whenever I go out into the burning sun I just want to lay there and bask in its warmth.

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