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Weekend Update April 25, 2010

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Most women, when they are stressed, turn to chocolate.  Or possibly a trip to the mall.  Maybe even a massage.

Me?  I play in the dirt.

So on Thursday, when I was anticipating a crazy weekend, I went out and bought these babies.  It made me happy.

Friday found me glued to my computer all morning – answering questions, sending out marching orders, coordinating schedules, and actually wishing for the day when I  can (gasp!) do some housework.  I was unexpectedly called out to Tooele that evening, where I got lost.  A lot.  I really must work on my directional skills before I am cast on the Amazing Race.  I left at 4:00 pm and returned home at 1:00 am.

After three wonderful hours of sleep, I was awake and headed out to the county convention.  (As an aside – Dear county convention organizers, Why oh why do you insist on scheduling your convention to begin at such ridiculously early hours?  Do you want grumpy voters?  Really?)  I arrived late – 5:45 am, and was thrilled to see that our wonderful volunteers had come through.  They were already there, putting up signs and smiling.  At 5:45 am.  Did I mention that it was 5:45 am?  And I was late to arrive?  And also that Daniel is in driver’s ed right now which meets at 5:30 am each school day?  And that since the births of my last two children, I am no longer a morning person?

So from 5:45 am until 3:30 pm I stayed at the booth, talking with delegates and passing out t-shirts.  And I know it’s hard to believe, but it was actually quite enjoyable.  I love to see good people getting involved in the political process.  Mike delivered a rocking speech, which brought the crowd to their feet.  I delivered quite a few rocking speeches of my own at the booth, which I am sure would have brought people to their feet if they weren’t already standing.  Or maybe not.  But I can dream.

As I headed home, I listened to tele-town hall conference put on by another senatorial candidate.  Tele-town halls are my new favorite hobby.

I arrived home a little after 4, and then – then – I planted my garden!  Sarah and the Jakester had to help, since my time was limited.  Rowena and Helga the chickens tried to help, too, but ended up being locked in their coop.  Chico the Bunny was also put in lockdown until my baby plants are big enough to defend themselves.  (Another side note – Chico loves onions and Helga can’t resist broccoli.  Who knew?)  In 90 minutes we planted 21 tomato plants, 12 bell peppers, 6 Anaheims, 4 jalapenos, 18 broccoli, 12 red cabbage, and 6 brussel sprouts.  Why the brussel sprouts?  Because they were cute.  The onions and peas are already in, and the cucumbers will have to wait until it’s warmer.  As for squash….eeeewww, why would I want to plant squash?

Having successfully spent some time in the sun, I headed back up to the computer.  More questions, more lists, more marching orders.  And then I was off to a 9:00 pm strategizing meeting with the rest of the staff, who had all gotten about as much sleep as I had.  We were very loopy.  We were also very happy, as the day’s events had brought in some great results for Mike.  Go Mike!

We finished our meeting just before midnight – hooray – and I arrived home just after midnight.

By 8:00 am the next morning, I was at another meeting, this time for church.  Meetings, meetings, more meetings, and finally at 4:00, I took a nap.  For three hours.  Three hours!  I was *thisclose* to missing the Amazing Race.  And that?  Would have been a tragedy of epic proportions.

The next two weeks will be insanely busy.  Wish me luck!


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