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Flowers, Froggies, Flushes, and Firsts May 23, 2010

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Please forgive the lack of blog posts lately.  I have been stressed.

But at least my yard is starting to look good.  And now you’ll have the pleasure of reading two weeks’ worth of posts in one handy spot.

You may remember a while ago when I posted about our poor little froggy’s traumatic cage cleaning experience.  For those of you who have been anxiously waiting for news of his survival, I am pleased to report that he made it through the ordeal alive and well.  Until….a few weeks ago when I noticed that the poor little froggy seemed to be swimming around in pea soup.  “Emmmmma, time to clean your frog’s cage!”  Again, she obediently boiled a pot of water.  I assumed all was well.  But that night, as we were all preparing to go to bed, I noticed that the pot of water was still on the stove, and the frog was still in pea soup.  When a sleepy Emma was asked why she hadn’t cleaned the frog’s cage, she replied, “It’s dead.”

Oh dear.  The poor little frog.  It’s slimy green life had finally come to an end.  I walked over to the cage to pay my final respects.  Sure enough, there was Froggy, floating on his back, stiff as a board.  Seeing the little guy like that, so soon after Rowena’s death, made me a little bit depressed, so I headed off to bed, leaving Froggy in his watery grave on the counter.

The next morning, I knew that Froggy had to be dealt with.  I walked back over to his cage.  He had sunk to the bottom, but was still stiff as a little froggy board.  I picked up his bowl and we headed for the bathroom.  It was time for the fateful froggy flush.  Except.  When I dumped the water out of his cage, he stuck to the bottom.  I poured in more water from the sink, and HE STARTED TO SWIM!    He wasn’t dead after all, he was just protesting his unsanitary living conditions!  He is still alive and well today, swimming happily and demanding fresh water every three to four days.

Jakob is learning his alphabet.  He is getting very good at identifying letters.  A few days ago he came running out of the bathroom and excitedly said, “Mom, I just pooped a letter C!”

And finally, Elisabeth has turned one.  Happy Birthday, Bitsy!


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