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Sometimes I Have to Pinch Myself September 10, 2010

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Because my life is just that cool right now.   (And you should know that I am definitely not a cool person.  I’m just along for the ride.)

Last night I went to a barbecue (have you noticed yet that I love barbecues?) full of 500 of the most amazing people ever.  I got to take part in a real live miracle of the loaves and fishes, got hugs from all of my favorite peeps, rubbed elbows with Utah’s movers and shakers, and…drum roll please…met with the hopeful president-elect of Uganda.  UGANDA!  And he was one of the good guys.  🙂

Plus, whoever picked out the music for the sound system totally ROCKED it.  How did they know all of my favorite songs?  (Except for Thriller.  What was up with that?)

I also got to turn down a request for a TV interview.  Because I would pretty much rather die than be on camera.  Which is reason #257 why I’ll never run for Senate.

The funniest part – I had my new, still recovering eyelid in disguise (thank you false eyelashes!), but everyone could tell there was something different about me.  I had about two dozen different people ask me if I had done something new with my HAIR.   Nope.

Speaking of new eyelids, Dr. Crush is running in a seriously hardcore race today.  Please keep him in your thoughts.  I have a vested interest in making sure he comes out of this alive and happy….


One Response to “Sometimes I Have to Pinch Myself”

  1. Mindy Says:

    Is this where you were going when you looked so cute the other night!? And WHY did you not invite ME!?

    Oh and that’s hilarious that they asked about your hair. hehe.

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