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Eight Years Ago Yesterday… September 12, 2010

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…I chugged a bottle of castor oil right before my kids got home from school.  And spent the next several hours getting very well acquainted with Mr. Toilet.

Then I made dinner, did some laundry, took Daniel to scouts, chatted with a friend, and a little while after 8:00 pm, had a killer contraction.

At 8:55 pm I walked into the hospital and told the very nice nurse that I was in labor.  She didn’t believe me.  They never do.

BUT…eight minutes later, after much hilarity had ensued, I was holding a very cute and somewhat stunned baby boy in my arms.

It was the last time he’s done anything quickly in his whole life.

And yesterday, my always calm, eternally cheerful, absolutely-no-sense-of-time-passing little boy had a PAR-TAY!

Happy Birthday, Joshua.

Thank you for constantly reminding me to stop and smell the roses.


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