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Sweet Victory November 3, 2010

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Whew!  The past week has been a blur of top secret meetings, frantic phone calls, honk and waves, and barfing.

That’s right, the busiest week of the campaign and every last one of the James crew had the stomach flu.  The good news is that we’re all on the mend now and yesterday was AWESOME!!!!

I’ll post more when the professional pics are up (my new camera arrived today – one day too late, and from the looks of the pictures that I took, I need to figure out how to adjust the lighting), but I just know you’ve all been wondering what kind of swag campaign staffers get.  Here ya go:

Yes, those are apples in the vase.  Apples.  Completely submerged in water.  I don’t get it either.

That’s my signature in the bottom right corner of the sign.  My autograph is now a collector’s item!

And I know that you’re dying to know what’s in the box:

It’s a limited edition Mike Lee Snuggie!!   (It’s an inside joke – we’re really not that lame, I promise.)  (Well, okay.  Maybe we are that lame.)

And now for Jennifer’s shining moment on TV.

Here I am on the stage for Mike’s acceptance speech (you have to click on “Lee’s Acceptance Speech” when you get to the link).  I thought that I had placed myself successfully way in the back behind Mike to avoid cameras, but alas, I failed.  You can still see me fidgeting around for the first few minutes of the speech.

Did you see how Heather, the gorgeous girl right in front of me (and quite possibly the most awesome person on the planet), looked like she was yelling at someone in the middle of the speech?  She was busily trying to keep her cute kids from running up on the stage to join her.  Life as mom is never dull…

In other news, I had my final (it better be, anyway) surgical procedure with Dr. Crush today.  It kind of looks like I got beat up by a Democrat.  😉



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