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This is What Makes Being a Mom Worthwhile December 2, 2010

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This morning as I sat down at my computer, I found the following note on my keyboard:


To Mom,

I Love You!  BYU rocks!

Love Josh

Say it with me now:  Awwwww.  He had drawn hearts instead of writing out “love,” by the way. (I would take a picture and show you, but I have no idea how to upload pictures from my new camera yet.  Todd has to do it for me.  Yes, I really am that pathetic.)

I would like to point out that I’ve clearly done an excellent job of hiding my disappointment over BYU’s devastating defeat last Saturday.

But anyway, how sweet it that kid?

Not to be outdone, Bitsy also presented me with a gift this morning.

An Easter egg.  As in, an actual Easter egg.  From Easter.  It’s green with gold sparkles.  I have no idea where she found it.

Have I mentioned that in this house, we only do real Easter eggs?  No plastic candy-filled orbs of joy shall ever be purchased by the likes of me.

That’s right, this is the Real McCoy.  It rattles when I shake it.

I’m afraid.

She also has a stinky diaper and just wiped her nose on my jeans.

Motherhood rocks!


2 Responses to “This is What Makes Being a Mom Worthwhile”

  1. Aunt Diann Says:

    Payback is sweet! Do you remember when you found a rotten Easter Egg under my bed, broke it, made me throw up, and I got a spanking???
    You might not remember I think you were three, but what goes around comes around!

  2. mommyoffive Says:


    I totally don’t remember that, but I’m glad you’re not still bitter. 😉

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