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My Christmas List December 29, 2010

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Ho, ho, ho!  It’s Christmas time!

  • The kids’ dreams came true when they were treated to 2+ feet of snow and a SNOW DAY for the last day of school.  They spent the entire first half of the day outside, playing in a winter wonderland.  And then, it started to rain.  And rain, and rain, and rain, and rain some more.  The mean rain melted almost all of the lovely snow, but in the end, the snow won out and we still have a few inches on the ground.  Take that, eevviill rain storm!
  • To help us get even more into the Christmas spirit, we went to see A Christmas Carol.  The play was wonderful, and very realistic – Todd got rained out while sitting in his seat (he ended up in a nice, dry seat clear across the theater from us) and the fog machine operators got a bit carried away, resulting in the entire audience coughing and choking through the 2nd half.  We loved it!
  • Santa came!  He brought Bitsy a miniature 4 wheeler.  Bitsy is really good at steering when she is driving one of her foot-powered ride on toys.  When the toy is motorized, not so much.  She very much enjoys running over toys, pets, and people, though.
  • Santa brought Daniel a robot.  Actually, Santa brought Daniel about a zillion little computer-type parts, which Daniel then turned into a robot.  Jakob thinks it’s the coolest thing ever.
  • And speaking of cool presents, Uncle Erik came through again.  He gave us a game that sends a powerful shock to the loser.  I always lose.  I also seem to be hypersensitive to electric shock.
  • Bitsy loves the shock game.  She follows Todd around with it at night, trying to get him to play it with her.  (Don’t worry, we make sure that her paddle is turned off first.)
  • Emma’s chickens have gone to live on Grandma’s farm.  I miss them.  So does Bella.  Todd does not miss them.  He’s kind of a scrooge.  Maybe I should make him watch A Christmas Carol again.
  • Speaking of grouchy men, The Sound of Music is the best movie ever.  I am in the middle of my yearly viewing right now.  Captain VonTrapp just proposed to Maria.  I swooned.  Did you know that in real life, the VonTrapps ended up with ten children?  Ten children.  I’ll bet they had some awesome family home evenings.
  • Yesterday I told the kids that we were going bowling.  Emma said, “Can’t we just bowl on the Wii instead?”  It was a sad, sad moment for me.
  • We went bowling anyway.  And Emma had fun.  So did Bitsy.  I’m not so sure about the cute old men who were trying to bowl next to us.

Dear Cute Old Men at the Bowling Alley,

I’m sorry you had to put up with my offspring’s antics.  Thank you for your patience when she was stealing your balls, and running in front of you just as you were about to get a strike, and hogging the little air blower thingy.  Next time I will bring a straight jacket to put her in when it isn’t her turn.

  • Jakob won with a score of 97.  And he did it all by himself.  His victory dance was truly a sight to behold.  I took the video camera to record him.  Unfortunately, I left the card at home.  So you’ll have to trust me when I say he is the best. bowler.  evar.
  • Midnight correction.  The Sound of Music is pretty good, but I had forgotten about my love affair with Bollywood.  The best movies always come from Bollywood.  And Jakob is the best Bollywood dancer evar.  Although I’m a close second.
  • I think I should host a Bollywood movie night to celebrate surviving 2010.  I’ll even make Indian food.  Who’s in?

Merry Christmas!

PS – They are starting to allow kissing in Bollywood.  What is up with that?


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