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If I Were Asked to Write a Parenting Advice Column… January 17, 2011

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…the magazine that hired me would immediately lose all credibility with my friends.

But let’s just suppose that I had an advice column, and someone asked the following question:

“If I had to pick only one toy for my child, what should I choose?”

I would say, “You should choose a snow tube.”

Here’s why.

In the summer, when the weather is oh, so hot and you want your kids to play outside but you don’t want them to melt, you can pull out your tubes and let them float in the river.  Or lake.  Or reservoir.  Or you can be really daring and try an actual swimming pool.  But those usually aren’t as much fun.

And what about those rainy days?

Pop some popcorn and let the offspring watch a movie while sitting in their tubes in the family room.   Tubes always make movie watching more exciting.

And when the kids are all home from school on a winter holiday and the weather is a balmy 40 degrees and the sun has just broken through the clouds (pretend that the picture at the top of the post is actually right here  – for some reason I couldn’t get it to move), you can go sledding!

Today the snow was a bit soggy and sticky – too slow for older kids but just right for little boys.  So I loaded Jakob and Joshua and Jacob (one of our favorite extras) into the truck, strapped our tubes into the back, and off we went.

We just happen to have the world’s best sledding hill just a few minutes away from our house.  It’s actually two hills connected by a brief level stretch.  So you go fast fast bump jump s-l-o-w and then right back into FAST!  Plus, there are no rocks.  The worst thing that the young’uns can run into is a bush.  Or another sledder.  But the sledders usually dodge pretty well.

And now for a photo essay.

Tubing’s Life Lessons

by Joshua, Jakob, and Jacob

1 – When you are at the top of a hill and can see the long, bumpy pathway your life is about to take, make some noise.  It will make the whole trip more enjoyable.

2 – Hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

3 – Keep a smile on your face, even while trudging uphill.

4 – If the going gets too tough, you may need to enlist the help of an awesome older brother.

5 – Don’t be afraid to use your own unique style.  (Bonus points for catching air.)

6 – Everything is more fun when you bring a friend along.

PS – We would like to thank Martin Luther King, Jr. for providing us with this holiday, and for his vision of unity.  He truly was one of the greatest leaders of our time.

And he was a Republican.  Just sayin’.


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